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Netscouters is an investment ecosystem for football. The goal is to empower amateur teams around the world to improve the new soccer superstar and to make football related content while giving fans and investors the opportunity to support their favourite players and make money with a good ROI.

How it works

Netscouters creates a platform for the industry of football. Sure, the big market players like La Liga and the Premier League in the United Kingdom earn billions of dollars, but there is a profit to be made in the local Federation and football related content. Also, look for prospective young players still performed by going to the site and watch the team train. Netscouters uses the blockchain contract, intelligent, and tokenization to bring industry into the future.

Amateur clubs can receive support from investors, brand and professional Club and costs 50 EUR per year per player. This allows them to buy equipment and other things that are needed to further the skills of their players. Investors receive a 20% of the profits of the club that’s made in a season.

All info on players and their progress can be accessed on the platform so that investors can reduce the place to save their money. It also provides professional talent seekers with the opportunity to search for young talents and monitor their development.

This platform has a video streaming module provides the Club with their channels to create content and make money with pay per views from advertisers. If you don’t like football, football related content receives millions of impressions on Youtube, with fans has more customers than the professional channel team. Clubs receive 70% of the revenue, 30% is taken as the cost of the platform. The user gets in return for watching ads, too.

Sports goods brands can sell their products directly to the Club on the market provided Netscouters. All sorts of things that needed football club presented there, equipment, maintenance, transportation, supplies, etc.


Although Netscouters does not introduce significant improvements in technology, it will help the industry. This allows the agent to find young talents in a way that is more effective and enables the amateur club to improve future superstar.

Token value

There are two types of coins on a Netscouters platform. OutsCoin is a utility platform token, which sold for ICO. This is used to pay for the platform and purchase products on the market. The value associated with the volume of transactions on the platform. The number of football clubs in the world and the amount of the fee that they can pay, combined with advertising revenues will increase the value OUT.

There are other tokens, OutInveCoin, submitted to the investors of the Club to make sure they get 20% of its annual income for two years.


Netscouters a white paper presenting describes the world of football, the problems encountered, solutions in the form of a platform driven by blockchain. All the quirks of their platform are also explained, showing the financial estimates and estimates the value of the token. Business models are not described in one section, but its elements mentioned in the entire white paper.

The roadmap

The company was founded in the year 2016; the first web version was released in the year 2017. In May of the same year, the testing phase began. In September 2018, the platform will see the beginning of the pilot with the Italy football team. In December, the platform will be launched publicly in alpha. The first season will begin in March 2019, in May the company will start marketing in the EU. The world’s first season will begin in September 2019.

The business model

Netscouters platform is the platform pay per usage. It takes charge of a football club, 50 EUR per month per player in equal OUT. It also costs to watch the statistics of players and to make pieces of 30% of the ads. Also, charge commissions from transactions on the platform.

Marketing efforts include contacting the football federations of different countries to affect the amateur and sports media to reach out to a broader audience.


Council-Manager companies including CEOs, managers and entrepreneurs who are IT, it Manager, and former professional football player. The person responsible for marketing has extensive experience in communications, advertising, interaction design, and brand consulting. The CFO is responsible for the treasury and financial account in the Grupo Forums. The team also has a Development Department and displays a lot of Scouts, former players and coaches.

The Advisory Board includes directors of marketing and consulting agency ICO who have experience in working with international technology companies and the Government of the Canary Islands.


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